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Students who have been absent:

At the end of each unit I will place all electronic resources, including the PowerPoints delivered during the lessons, on the school network for you to download.  This will give you the opportunity to make sure you have access to all the material for that unit prior to the unit test.  The resources can be found on the school network at:

Subject Areas\Science\PHYSICS - Mr Hunt 2008

Revision Links


Learn how to remove flash apps from the TI series ROM and how to rest the RAM memory.  Also check here that your calculator is IB approved.  Click HERE.


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Topic 1:  Physics and Physical Measurement

Topic 2: Mechanics

Topic 3: Thermal Physics

Topic 4:  Oscillations & Waves

Topic 5:  Electric currents

Topic 6:  Fields & forces

Topic 7: Atomic & Nuclear Physics

Topic 8: Energy Power and Climate Change