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Atomic & Nuclear Physics

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HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS  High energy physics

WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY  Page about wave particle duality.

THE ELECTRON  All about the humble electron.

X-RAYS  X- rays and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Bookmarks for Particle Accelerators

VDG GENERATOR  All about the VDG generator.


LINAC   how a LINAC works   A 17 page document on how a LINAC really works…..too difficult and unnecessary reading, but interesting.


CYCLOTRON  The cyclotron and how it works.


OVERVIEW OF ACCELERATORS   Basic overview of ‘atom smashers’.   good overview of particle accelerators.  Especially the SLAC.  List of accelerators around the world.  CERN….will we get a trip there in 2005?

HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS  High energy physics

FERMI LAB  Visit the Fermi accelerator lab.



The Particle Adventure