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Science Fair M1 and M2 students only

Friday 23rd April 2010

Rules for the projects


During April M1-M2 students will plan and then produce a Research Project on a topic of their choice that they will present for judging on the morning of Friday 23rd April 2010. 

 The Science Fair project will have two components. 

 1.  The Science Fair Projects are judged on the day by our team of judges.

2.  Each student will submit a project report, by Friday 14th May, that will count towards their term 3 Science grade.

 Some preliminary Information

 Students must perform an experiment that has a hypothesis, an independent and dependent variable, and gives measurable results that can be analysed, and from which they can formulate a conclusion and evaluation.

 Projects that are NOT SUITABLE are such things as: ‘building a model’ of something, or ‘making a poster’ or anything that does not permit the collection and processing of numerical data.

 Students are advised to work on their own project, rather than with a partner as their project will contribute to their Term 3 grades.  If however, students work with a partner, they can share the same topic but must produce independent investigations under the same topic. 


Display of Project

 Each student will be given a 3 panel display board to present their data as they see fit.  A suggested format is given below, but you are in no way constrained to us it.  Ms. Reynolds will be coming into Science classes to offer advice on how to get the most out of your display.


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